Globalization presents challenges and with the rapid growth of enterprises requires cutting-edge technologies to meet innovative challenges. As a Business Intelligence and Performance Management specialist, iScientia provides integrated strategy for Managing data, businesses through intelligent processes helps to face emerging opportunities with confidence enabling clients to leverage their most invaluable corporate asset enterprise information.

The ever changing requirement of fast growing enterprises requires cutting-edge technologies to meet newer challenges. Managing data, businesses through intelligent processes helps to face emerging opportunities with confidence. The business intelligence, data management and knowledge management initiatives help to leverage the strengths to lower the costs and provide robust strength in toning up the management of business.

The planning and implementation of new strategies helps in savings to the businesses and also in meeting regulatory compliances. The real-time assessment of best practices leads to utilization of resources on a scale and matching up to business environment in which they operate.

Performance Management helps in utilizing techniques that are best suited to the business needs. The techniques are backed up with strategies that are proven to work in various environments that the businesses find themselves in and look for solutions to utilize resources in optimal level. The listed measures are useful to manage the performance of employees and also the organization in a better way. It enables management to take decisions speedily and effectively to the advancement of businesses by appropriate measures.

Client Challenges

Quality Analytics: It provides a configurable framework on different plans and provides solutions to address issues like:

  • Alerts on the deviations vs process specifications
  • Detect Root Causes and Analysis
  • Non-Conformance Analysis
  • Operation level Quality Analysis

Strategic Offerings: Health Check, Planning and Budgeting, Financial Consolidation, Business Process Analysis, Business Case Modeling, Capacity Planning

Tactical Offerings: Data Governance, Data Quality Management, Dashboard Management, Metadata Management, Performance Engineering, Data Mining Management, Services

Operational Offerings: Competency Centre, Multi-site Rollout, Factory Services, Lifecycle Services, Testing Management, Sustenance Services, Training Services, Change Management

By partnering with us, the clients stand to benefit in all areas with huge savings and witness a quick turnaround in operational efficiency.