Flow Analysis (MF/FLOW) : The Flow analysis is used to determine the gate position and filling pattern. It analyses polymer flow within the mould, optimizes mould cavity layout, balances runners and obtains mould processing conditions for filling & packing phases of the Moulding cycle.

Cooling Analysis (MF/COOL) : It analyses the effect of cooling on flow, optimizes cooling line geometry & processing conditions.

Process Optimization Analysis (MF/OPTIM) : It gives optimized-processing parameters for a component considering injection-moulding conditions.

Warpage Analysis (MF/WARP) : This analysis simulates the effect of Moulding on product geometry, isolates the dominant cause of warpage so that the correct remedy can be applied.

Shrinkage Analysis (MF/SHRINK) : This analysis gives dimensions of mould cavities, using shrinkage determined from specific grade material shrinkage data & flow analysis results.

Stress Analysis (MF/STRESS ): This is nonlinear structural analysis program that determines component thickness to meet performance requirements. It evaluates product strength & stiffness.